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  • Cultural Philanthropy

    52 members Latest Activity: Aug 21

    Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others.

    This group is initially looking at…

  • Projects

    33 members Latest Activity: Aug 6 Online space for the Projects Working Group. How do we move this working group forward, what are the key areas that require focus and development?…

  • South West Region

    60 members Latest Activity: Jun 10

    Welcome to the online space for RSA Fellows in the South West Region.


  • North West Region

    11 members Latest Activity: May 13

    Discussion space for Fellows based in and around the North West region. 

    For latest news and activity in this area visit the…

  • North East Region

    18 members Latest Activity: Sep 1

    Group space for Fellows based in and around the North East region

  • West Midlands Region

    16 members Latest Activity: Apr 7

    Welcome to the online space for RSA Fellows in the West Midlands Region.…

  • East Midlands Region

    20 members Latest Activity: Aug 18

    Welcome to the online space for RSA Fellows in the East Midlands Region.…

  • India Network

    2 members Latest Activity: May 13

    A place for Indian fellows and potential fellows from India toconnect

  • South East Region

    49 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Welcome to the online space for RSA Fellows in the South East Region.


  • South Central Region

    33 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Welcome to the online space for RSA Fellows in the South Central Region.…

  • RSA Connectors

    38 members Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2013

    A group for the network of RSA Connectors worldwide, as well as RSA international staff. Share your questions, experiences, challenges, successes,…

  • Human Capability and Societal Transformation

    27 members Latest Activity: Aug 19

    A group to look at emerging research and practice related to human capability and societal transformation

  • RSA Australia and New Zealand

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 17, 2012

    RSA A+NZ – an International Chapter

    While the RSA is based in London at 8 John Adam Street it has also…

  • Fellows' Well-Being Network

    14 members Latest Activity: Jun 27

    Developing ideas and best-practice in all areas of human well-being.

    Combination of formal events and round-table discussion (face-2-face)…

  • German Fellows Network

    10 members Latest Activity: Sep 1 A group for Fellows living or interested in RSA activity in Germany.

  • RSA Ireland

    20 members Latest Activity: Mar 4

    A group for Fellows who live in, work in or are interested in the Ireland region of RSA (Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland).

  • Bristol Network

    36 members Latest Activity: Oct 22, 2013 A temprorary space for attendees of the Bristol Network to continue their discussions....

  • Women Speakers' Network

    102 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday A new network to support RSA Fellows who wish to initiate or participate in speaking events, in particular, but not exclusively around women’s…

  • Profit with Purpose

    196 members Latest Activity: yesterday A network that will encourage the traditional business model to become more active and effective in social, environmental and economic sustainability.

  • William Shipley Group for RSA History

    47 members Latest Activity: Aug 22 This Fellows' network wishes to raise awareness of the history of the RSA from its foundation in 1754 to the more recent past.

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RSA Events

Mind Change

Leading neuroscientist Susan Greenfield considers the vast range of technologies that are creating a new environment around us, and asks: how can we ensure these powerful forces bring out the best in us, and allow us to lead more meaningful, more creative lives?

Inequality and the 1%

Leading social geographer Danny Dorling unpacks the latest research into how the lives and ideas of the 1 percent impact the remaining 99%.

Political Order and Political Decay

Influential political scientist Francis Fukuyama tells the story of mankind’s emergence as a political animal, the development of state, law and democracy, and explores the modern landscape - with its uneasy tension between dictatorships and liberal democracies – arguing that in the US, and in other developed democracies, unmistakable signs of decay have emerged.


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